Local Resolution Process

Does your WI have an idea for a local resolution? Is there something one of your members would like to see change in Cornwall? Is there a local issue your WI has already been discussing and/or advocating for?

The Local Resolution process starts in June for the following year’s (2022) Spring Countdown. 

The Local Resolution submission form will be sent out to all WI Secretaries with the June issue of County News – to be received roughly by the end of the third week in May. The submission form will also be posted here on the CFWI website.

The deadline for submission of the resolution form to Chy Noweth is the last Thursday of August; the actual date will be printed on the Resolution submission form.

Submitted resolutions will be discussed at the September 2021 Board of Trustees meeting. If any amendments are suggested by the Trustees, the WI submitting the Resolution is contacted and advised of the proposed amendment.

The final wording of the Resolution will be accepted at the October 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting.

A ‘Resolution for Consideration letter’ will be sent to all WIs along with the November issues of County News. At that point, any WIs wishing to make amendments must submit those amendments to Chy Noweth by the last Thursday in January 2022.

Amendment requests will be considered at the February 2022 Board of Trustees Meeting. If any amendment is accepted by the Trustees, it will be advised in the March issue of County News and on the Federation website. Otherwise the Resolution as stated in the ‘Resolution for Consideration letter’ will be considered at the 2022 Spring Countdown.

So now’s the time to get your thinking caps on! Remember – look out for the Local Resolution submission form in the post and online next month.

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