Mawnan WI Hears from Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust

It was hard to imagine sailing on the Helford River in the summer sunshine when Mawnan WI met for their November meeting to hear about the work of a Mawnan based charity, the Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust. Charles Richardson, the Chair of the Trust, who lives in the village, had some lovely photographs of local children enjoying being on the water in kayaks and small sailing boats. This has always been the aim of the Trust which works with some 20 schools, and gives water-based experiences to over 600 youngsters each year.

The wider objective is to encourage co-operation and challenge to enable these young people to fulfil their potential. In the last few years, the charity has been working tirelessly to raise funds to purchase a nearby lake which will be developed to provide facilities for children with disabilities, enabling them to participate in a wide range of activities along with their peers, siblings and parents, and to share the opportunities offered in this lovely part of the world.

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