Mawnan WI Supports Reading at the Village School

The assembly at Mawnan School last Wednesday was a little bit different, as some WI members from Mawnan Reading Partners joined the pupils in the hall.

They were there to listen to seven members of the Year 5 and 6 Book Club talking about some of the stories which they had read over the last few terms. Their enthusiasm for reading was  obvious and they skilfully engaged the audience with extracts and observations about the characters and plots in the books that they had chosen.

After their presentations they thanked the members of the WI for funding the purchase of books for the Book Club. It is led by WI member, Gill Druce, who said, “In these sessions they share their thoughts about the books that they have read and they have begun to make very astute critical assessments. Recently they had great fun compiling a top 10 and had to argue forcefully for their particular favourites”. 

Head Teacher Jilly Pridmore, thanked the children for their presentations and encouraged the children in the audience to borrow the books for their Summer Holiday Reading Challenge.

The  members of the village WI who make up Mawnan Reading Partners go into the school every week to listen to children reading. Earlier this term, Mawnan WI presented a series of books written to alert children to the problem of plastic pollution of the oceans which have been used by pupils across the school. Mawnan WI President, Sally Annan added, “Many of our members either attended Mawnan School or have had children or grandchildren there. We are really pleased to be involved in a variety of projects and events with them.”

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