Murder in the WI!

If you fancy reading a nice little murder mystery this winter, look no further than Sharon Bill’s Fête Fatale.

A summer fête in rural Cheshire, organised by the Women’s Institute of Mossleigh, holds the promise of an idyllic day out in the best British tradition. Everyone is enjoying the festivities until a beloved neighbour is found dead among the bins and refuse of the village hall which saddens the holiday mood. However, it is only when Beth Williams (a WI member) and her twin brother Detective Chief Inspector Benedict James join forces that it becomes evident that all isn’t as innocent as it at first seemed.

This is author Sharon Bill’s first ‘Beth Williams Mystery’ and it is hoped there will be a series of the books. Sharon, like Beth, is a WI member.

If your WI has a book group, do consider this one! It might feel very familiar (except for the bit about the murder!).


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