NFWI Coronavirus Guidance

We have received a number of queries from members who are concerned about the spread of Coronavirus and the impact this may have on WI meetings and events. The NFWI is closely monitoring the situation and Government advice and will update Federations accordingly if there are any major changes to advice around meetings and gatherings. However, we urge all Federations, WIs and individual members to keep a watchful eye on the advice given by Public Health England / Public Health Wales, as this will be the most up to date and immediate source of any changes to advice on the situation.

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  1. We are very disappointed, not to have had any information at all from West Yorkshire WI

    As a group quite a lot of our members are 70+ also some with underlying medical conditions

    What do we do?

    • Hello. This is the website for the Cornwall Federation, so I’m afraid we have nothing to do with the West Yorkshire Federationl For more information, I would suggest you contact your own Federation on 0113 255 0810.

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