NFWI’s Vision for the Future

As the WI enters its 105th year, the NFWI is developing a strategic vision to help shape and secure its future. This ambitious vision will guide and focus the organisation’s work over the next five years, building on the successes it has achieved over the last 104 years, and ensure it continues to be the largest and most influential women’s organisation in the UK.

As part of this work four draft vision statements have been developed by the NFWI Board of Trustees, the National Council (representing all federations) and the organisation’s professional staff. In the February issue of WI Life, you will find an article which explains what the four draft vision statements are, and over the next three months the NFWI wants to engage as many members as possible to test these statements and develop them further. Please look out for the article and tell us what you think of the four draft vision statements. The article will also explain how you can feed your views back to the NFWI.

The hope is that at the end of the consultation process we have a set of vision statements that capture our ambition for our organisation, and upon which we can build our strategic plan for years to come. It’s a discussion, a collaboration and a collective step forward. The WI is your organisation and yours to shape for the future… let us know your views!

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