No Silly Asses Here!

Pictured here is gorgeous friendly Combo, photographed on a recent trip to the Flicka Donkey Sanctuary in South Cornwall, organised by our CFWI Environment & Public Affairs sub-committee. Combo is flanked by event organiser Hilary and brilliant Flicka tour leader Beth.

The sun shone for the group as Beth introduced them to all the donkeys, which was just lovely. Most of the group fell deeply in love with at least one. Probably the most popular were Berty and brother Humphry – the magnificent and rare French Poitou donkeys with huge ears and shaggy coats, and with a gait very much like pantomime horses. A delicious light lunch in the cheerful café rounded the trip off a treat.

Flicka Donkey Sanctuary, home to over 100 rescued donkeys and horses, is run by a dedicated and friendly team, who very much welcomed the WI’s visit as well as the donation of £4 a head – they are always so short of cash, unlike some other wealthier sanctuaries upcountry. If you fancy a visit to Flicka, please note that it’s a dog friendly site!

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