Penpol and Point WI Celebrates 45th Birthday

Great fun was had on a windy, but dry August afternoon as Penpol and Point WI celebrated their 45th birthday at Point Orchard.

Over 30 members attended the tea party, some of whom hadn’t seen each other for nearly 18 months. Members Sheila and Lorna organised activities to entertain the group. These included an anagram quiz with clues posted around the orchard, and a treasure hunt in which members had to place a flag where they thought the treasure was buried.

The most fun of all was the picture quiz. Members had been asked to send in a photo of themselves, at age 45, together with an interesting fact about their life that nobody else knew. The task was to match the face and the fact to a current member. Who knew that Penpol and Point’s President was the first female Test Engineer for the British Hovercraft Corporation, or that one member had lived next door to one of the Rolling Stones?!

Home-baked scones with jam and cream were served during the afternoon, but the icing on the cake so to speak, was Jo’s home-baked and decorated celebratory cake, which tasted as amazing as it looked! Details of Penpol and Point’s many activities were incorporated into the cake’s decorations, including gig-rowing, regatta teas, table tennis, walking and crafts.

To top it off, over £150 was raised towards the WI’s charity of the year, Cornwall Hospice.

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