Pensilva WI: Secret Armies and Underground Bunkers!

Secret Armies and underground bunkers: You’d be forgiven in thinking Pensilva WI members were hearing about events occurring overseas, but this all happened in the heart of Cornwall during WWII.

The members were astonished to learn about Churchill’s Secret Army from guest speaker Adrian Wilton as he enlightened the women on the preparations that were made should Germany ever invade Britain.

They heard about the construction of bunkers which were designed to hold eight men with only 14 days of rations. If there had been an invasion, the men were only expected to last a fortnight due to the danger of capture whilst they were blowing up bridges and blocking major routes.

Adrian also told the group that a member of one’s own family could have been involved, but nobody would ever have known due to the absolute secrecy of the operation.

What an exciting evening for Pensilva WI!

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