Pensilva WI’s Horticultural Show Returns after Three Years

Pictured here are Pensilva Horticultural Show 2022 winners, with CFWI Chair Helen Kestle

After a three year absence it was a ‘welcome back’ to the Pensilva WI Horticultural Show on a beautiful September day. Hopes were high that the long break would not have put people off entering, and the WI was not disappointed. The standard of entries was once again outstanding and all the hard work in creating the Show paid off. The judges all commented on the lovely items they were there to judge and because all the entries were wonderful, it was sometimes difficult to pick the winners.

However, the winners were chosen and these were:

  • Pensilva WI Committee Cup for most points in vegetables – William Hicks
  • Tessa Cup for Pot Plants – Cherry Woodhouse
  • F. French-Blake Cup for Flowers – Brian Arthur
  • Albert Moore Cup for Domestic Entries – Verna Dawe
  • Nicholls Cup for Handicrafts – Frances Tucker
  • Les Morcom Cup for Best Photo – Verna Dawe
  • Barnard Cup for Most Points in Photography – Verna Dawe
  • Photography Shield (under 15) – Thomas Jenkins
  • Miss Lennon Cup (children under 7) – Megan Rance
  • Parfitt Cup (children 8-11 years) – William Hicks
  • Pensilva WI Committee Cup for Overall winner (omitting vegetables) – Verna Dawe
  • Dr. Tregarthen Cup for Most Points in Vegetable Section – William Hicks
  • Smerdon Trowel for Most Outstanding Exhibit in Pot Plants – Mary Yates
  • Opener’s Choice – Brian Arthur
  • Coombes Cup (Judges’ Choice) – Cherry Woodhouse
  • Members’ Photography Shield – Verna Dawe
  • Gordon Bennett Trophy for Most pPoints in Preserves – Verna Dawe
  • Mary Gilbert Cup for Flower Arrangement – Cherry Woodhouse and Verna Dawe jointly.

Well done to everybody and here’s to an even bigger and better Show in 2023 when everybody is encouraged to enter, whether it be a prize leek or a lovely crocheted item.

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