Perranarworthal WI Member is a Published Author!

Author and Perranarworthal WI member Jan Ellery with her first book, Impactus.

Perranarworthal WI is thriving, with many talents and interests amongst its members. One of these interests is the book group, called ‘The Perranwell Pageturners’ At their final meeting for this year they invited Jan Ellery, a Perranarworthal WI member and a published author, to talk about her two books, give a reading and perhaps share a preview of her third book which she is currently writing.

Jan has always had a vivid imagination and has long been interested in writing, starting with stories for her own children right up to her first book Impactus, which was published in 2021.

At the meeting, Jan gave the group an insight into her path to becoming a published author. She explained how her husband’s illness and ultimate death, together with the Covid lockdown, were among the catalysts that made her sit down and write. You may have heard her interview on Radio Cornwall on the Tiffany Truscott programme.

Jan gave the group a reading from Impactus, which the members had all read. Then came a reading from the The Outturn, a sequel, which is in the process of being printed.

Finally, Jan gave the women a glimpse of the idea for her third novel, which is based on a house she used to own called Windham Manor. This novel is set in Cornwall and is totally different from her first two novels. Just to say that Windham Manor was haunted might give a clue without spoiling the story!

The Perranwell Pageturners can’t wait for Jan’s second novel to hit the shelves.

The Perranwell Pageturners at their most recent meeting

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