Prize-Winning Poetry from Crantock WI member

Congratulations to Judith Fowler of Crantock WI for her prize-winning poem. This year, the theme of the Blaikley Salver Poetry Competition was ‘Food Matters’. Those of you who were at yesterday’s Annual Council Meeting at the Regal Theatre in Redruth will have heard Judith recite her beautiful work. For anyone who missed it, we reprint her poem here:

Food Matters

When we’re browning meat together
And there’s butter on the floor,
Mashed potatoes in your eyebrows,
On the dog and up the wall,
Then I look at you and think that
Life just cannot be improved.
Though the process may get messy,
It’s not just about the food.

Now it’s time to fill the dish up
After stirring in the peas.
We don’t mind the gravy spilling
Though it dribbles past your knees.
But you only see the fun here,
You don’t ever see the flaws.
Hey, the meal may not be perfect –
It’s not going out of doors.

Did you know we pass these dishes
On from kitchen on to kitchen?
For your Mummy stood where you now stand,
A smeary, smiling urchin.

And memories are made of pies
Like this one on the way.
Once I wiped it off your Mummy
And you’ll do the same one day.

See the stain made by tomatoes
And that burnt spot on the floor?
Never had a heart to move them.
So let’s make a thousand more.

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