Resolution time!

We’re halfway through May already! We hope you’ve all been enjoying your Resolutions Meetings and have been finding them thought-provoking and productive.

Alleviating Loneliness

If you haven’t yet held your Resolutions Meeting, try to invite your Link Delegate to come along. She may enjoy hearing your WI’s debate on the resolutions before she heads to Liverpool for the 7th June Annual Meeting.

If she can’t make it to your Resolutions Meeting, make sure you contact her as soon as possible after your meeting to let her know how to vote on the two resolutions on behalf of your WI at the Annual Meeting. Remember that you’ll be voting on each of the resolutions separately – you’re not choosing one over the other. If your WI wishes, you can give your Delegate a discretionary vote so that she can make up her mind on your behalf after hearing the speakers at the Annual Meeting.

Plastic Soup

And please don’t forget to invite your Delegate to your first monthly meeting held after the NFWI Annual Meeting so that she can report back to you about the whole experience!

If you’re not sure who your Link Delegate is, your WI Secretary should have received paperwork from County telling her.

For those of you who haven’t yet held your Resolutions Meetings and are still undecided where you stand on this year’s resolutions, there’s plenty of information on the NFWI website to help you make up your mind!

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