Sky Lantern Prohibition Bill

Those of you who attended this year’s Spring Countdown meeting, might have been interested in the subject of the dangers of sky lanterns (paper lanterns with candles) that arose.

We have receive the following information about the Sky Lantern (Prohibition) Bill 2017-2019:

The bill was introduced on 29th March 2019 by Ruth George (MP for one of the moorlands that caught on fire last year). The aim of the bill is to make it an offence to use a sky lantern, recognising both the fire hazard and the danger to wildlife and farm animals.

A second reading was to have taken place on 5th April, but Commons were debating other issues at that time (i.e., Brexit).

The only problem that could come up is if there is a general election – this would mean that all legislation pending in private bills is deleted and must be re-started in a new parliament.

Hopefully this bill will get to be law before that happens. WI members’ letters to their MPs will definitely help. If you’d like to write to your MP, click here for more information.

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