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Dear All,

You will have seen the incredibly sad news that HM Queen Elizabeth II has passed away this evening.

As an organisation, we will observe the official mourning period and pay tribute to her life as both our monarch and a fellow WI member. This is likely to mean that we change many of our planned activities and public facing messaging during this time.

A formal document will be circulated in the morning with an outline of the NFWI’s plans for the period of mourning and guidance for you regarding your own activities over the coming days. Please note that this will be guidance only and you and your members must decide what feels right during this period. The document will however outline how NFWI will mark the period so that you can use this to guide your decisions. In the meantime you will see that over the last few minutes we have made changes to our various platforms (Website/MyWI/social media platforms) to reflect the news and further changes are likely in the morning. 

On a personal note, I know we all feel what an incredible honour it was that HM Queen chose to be a member of our wonderful organisation. She was the ultimate inspiring woman. I also know that members across our organisation will remember her fondly and have stories to share and we will encourage them to do so over the coming days so that we are able to respectfully mark her passing and proudly note her achievements but also celebrate her life.

Kind regards,

Melissa Green
General Secretary, NFWI

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