Speak up for What You Love Today

Over the past three years, thousands of people across the country have come together to Speak Up to their MPs about how climate change is affecting what they love and to discuss the decisions they can make to help protect them. Today you’re invited to be part of this incredible movement inspiring our government to continue building a cleaner future

When we Speak Up together, incredible things are possible. That means everyone, from every walk of life: your MP, your family, your church, and even the neighbours you don’t know well yet. So bring them all together this summer, from 30 June to 8 July: Host a Speak Up Week event and have a heart to heart with your MP about how climate change is affecting the things you love—and what can be done about it.

Here’s how to organise an event to Speak Up.

Whether you host a small picnic or a party that takes over the whole street, your event will be a powerful way to show your MP just how many of their constituents support them taking action against climate change. The more we Speak Up, the more they’ll be inspired to become a champion for action to tackle climate change in Parliament.

Be the first to Speak Up in your neighbourhood. Start gathering your friends, family and neighbours and sign up to be part of the excitement this summer.

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