St Mary’s Isles of Scilly WI Supports The Great Big Green Week

To support the Climate Coalition’s ‘The Great Big Green Week’, St Mary’s Isles of Scilly WI decided to hold a ‘Swap & Mend’ session. In order to combat fast fashion and clothes waste, members were encouraged to donate unwanted hats, gloves, scarves and bags which could be swapped at no cost. Donations could be made, if preferred. 
In addition, members brought along mending to help give garments a new lease of life by repairing or improving them. A sewing machine, threads, buttons, basic sewing kit and plenty of helpful advice were available, as were cakes, flapjacks and tea.
It was a happy, sociable afternoon, with lots of conversation, assistance and a definite sense of achievement. The few items not swapped have already been donated to charity.
Does your WI have something planned for The Great Big Green Week?
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