St Teath WI Celebrates the Women’s Vote

Earlier this summer, St Teath WI joined in their carnival as suffragettes, celebrating the 100 years since (some) woman were granted the vote.

Ann Harris, Marian Sinclair and Jean Burden, all of St Teath WI

It was a windy, rainy day, hats were firmly put on heads and banners tightly grasped. The members gathered on the sports ground ready for the march into the village centre. Before the march, they practised the marching songs: “The Women’s Battle Song” to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers, and “Rise up Women” to the tune of John Brown’s Body.

Anne Tyler, St Teath WI Secretary says, “It was good. We felt exhilarated and empowered – by our own joining together and by the cheers of the crowds –and we came away with a rosette!”

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