Support the Women of eXXpedition!

eXXpedition is a crew of women embarked on ambitious sailing expeditions to raise awareness of ocean plastic and sample the water to see what damage is being done.

You may all remember Imogen Napper, a PhD student at Plymouth University researching the effects of plastic pollution within the marine environment, who spoke to us so movingly at last year’s Spring Countdown about our ‘Plastic Soup’ resolution. Imogen is now on tap to be the lead scientist for a leg on eXXpedition’s North Pacific voyage. To cover the costs, eXXPedition hopes to get part sponsorship for Imogen’s work.

As WIs you cannot donate funds to this national charity, but individual members are free to make donations. If you’d like to help support Imogen and eXXpedition, please click here.

eXXpedition has had quite a lot of publicity in the plastic world recently and is about to be endorsed by the UN Environment programme.

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