Take a Lockdown Safari in Your Garden!

CFWI’s Environment & Public Affairs (E&PA)sub-committee held a successful Zoom meeting the other day, and the members spent some time discussing what they could be doing right now.

They then realised that lockdown is an ideal opportunity for us all to look around us close to home; and the team would love it if members could take a safari in their gardens to see what their wildlife is busy doing!

E&PA member Pat Paxton has been having great fun watching a family of sparrows fledge from a nest she didn’t know was in her gutter. She reports that her neighbours have wrens and blackbirds nesting, and she has seen them in her own garden as well. There are seagulls nesting on the roof too and, in this hot weather, the gulls take water from her bird bath – this is  a tricky flight for them due to the number of trees around!

Today, Pat spent some time watching all the different bees attracted to her cranesbill geranium plants. She was able to identify red tailed bumblebees, carder bees, buff tailed bumblebees and white tailed bumblebees as well as a solitary bee. She also see honey bees from time to time and knows that there are hives not too far away.

She has butterflies too and, during lockdown, has spotted in her garden orange tip, speckled wood, small white, unidentifiable blue, and a Jersey tiger moth. Sadly, no hedgehogs yet.

If you fancy a safari, do try and take a photo of your garden wildlife and send it in with a description to cfwi.publications@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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