The Denman Experience 2019

We hope you’re holding the date free for our next Federation visit to Denman, which will take place in 2019, our Federation’s Centenary year from 20-23 May.

The courses on offer will be: 

Salads & Superfoods with Ashley Keen
Superfoods are everywhere you look – in the news, on television and in magazines – however, do you know which ones are worth using and which are all hype? This course will teach you techniques and recipes so you can include superfoods in everyday cooking that the whole family will enjoy. Included will be an array of satisfying, sumptuous salads, savoury turmeric and chilli muffins, Thai prawn and sweet potato fritters and even an avocado and chocolate pudding!

Silver Clay Jewellery with Louise Simmonds (as featured in the March 2018 issue of WI Life)
Silver clay is an amazing new form of real silver that can be shaped with your fingers like clay! When fired, it is transformed into stunning fine silver jewellery. This will be a fun and relaxed course with plenty of time to experiment and be creative. No previous experience is necessary and no expensive tools or equipment are needed. You will learn the basic techniques of how to roll, cut and texture the clay and even paint a real silver leaf. You’ll also learn some traditional techniques to finish your piece professionally. By the end, you will not only have designed and created several finished pieces of real silver jewellery but you will also have the confidence to continue creating silver clay designs on your own at home.

Mystery Quilting using 9 Fat Quarters with Pat Robson
Collecting fabrics can be an exciting way to spend your time. The colours allow our imaginations to wander down country lanes or through a garden bursting with colour. The nine fat quarters will be cut and then moved around at random. You will appreciate, as it progresses, how fabrics can blend to form exciting and unexpected patterns. Clearly, to describe the mystery beforehand will rather spoil the element of surprise at the end result!

Discovering Spas and Pleasure Resorts with John Vigar
Today we take holidays for granted but how did they start and who went on them? This course looks at the amazing progression from visits to health resorts to the development of the seaside holiday. This fun course looks at the history of spas and pleasure resorts through the eyes of those who used them. It’s a mixture of social, topographical and architectural history with an icing of literature! We will study several dozen towns in England and Wales and there will be a full day outing to Bath to discover its historical development.

Traditional Jazz with Carl Attwood
What made jazz take off in the early 20th century? What were its influences and who were its early exponents? The exciting fusion of traditions, the colourful and talented players and the backdrop of prohibition America make for a fascinating story. The soloists and bands of early jazz started recording at the advent of the 78 disc and the start of radio, which gave them a hitherto unimaginable reach. Not only did jazz start to thrive all over the western world, but crossover was also in vogue. Ravel met Gershwin, Bix Beiderbecke copied Debussy, Stravinsky wrote Ragtime … Players of truly world class talent provided foot tapping, heartwarming music which is an inspiring today as it was a century ago. Come and meet the players, hear the music and see the artistry that left an indelible mark on the whole world of music.

There’s something for everyone!

Information and application forms are with your WI’s Secretary.

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