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There’s loads of interesting information available to us about the latest WI campaign news. You can have the NFWI Public Affairs Digest delivered directly to your inbox every month!

If you’re interested in our WI campaigns, just go to the campaigns area of the NFWI website and sign up to receive the Public Affairs Digest. It’s very good and is bang up to date. It’s full of ideas and help for you personally, and your WI, to easily get involved with the national campaigns that interest you.

The Digest also gives news about what other Federations are doing, opportunities for you to publicise your WI’s campaign work, and it tells you all the latest news about the work of the NFWI public affairs team.

This month, for example, the Digest is full of ideas on how to get involved in campaigns:

  • The Climate Coalition is offering to help us advertise our Show the Love events and the Digest tells us how.
  • We are all invited to take part in the Climate Coalition Show the Love film.
  • Ann Jones, NFWI Vice-Chair and Chair of the NFWI Public Affairs Committee, is playing an important part in setting up the first Climate Assembly Panel to advise government on what it should be doing.
  • There’s an nvitation to take part in the Million Women Rise march on 7th March.
  • Theres a blog, film and action pack about 5 Minutes that Matter (Cervical screening saves lives)
  • There’s up-to-date information about Food Matters (Tesco gets rid of plastic packing on multi-packs)
  • There’s an invitation to send in info on your own experience of local bus services (for the new Better on Board campaign)
  • There’s an invitation to send in your thoughts about why it’s so important to talk about mental health (Make Time for Mental Health campaign).
  • The Digest asks all members to get involved with International Women’s Day (8th March) by posting on social media
  • In ‘Campaigns Corner’, you’ll have an opportunity to email in your WI’s campaign news.

If you’d like to give it a go, just click here, enter your email address and you’re off! As simple as that. You don’t need to be an IT wizard!

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  1. The NFWI Public AFfairs digest is loaded with useful information, the events that are being planned about various issues. The method of subscribing is so easy. Thank you!

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