The WI at COP26

As you know, the UK government is hosting COP26 which started this week. It has been called the world’s ‘last, best chance’ to limit global temperature rises caused by rising emissions and worsening climate change.

What will the WI be doing at COP26?

The WI will be at COP26 to make sure decision-makers know that WI members from across the country care deeply about tackling climate change and that we cannot delay any longer. 

On Friday 5 November, there will be a WI stand in the Green Zone (public zone) at COP26 where we will be showcasing the work of WIs in pushing for climate change action. We will be showing photos and videos of all the wonderful campaigning members have done this year, as well as giving out our ‘no more loopholes’ bracelets to decision makers.

On Saturday 6 November, the WI will be joining thousands of others in marching in the Global Day of Action for climate action in Glasgow.

Throughout our time in Glasgow, as an official observer of COP26, the WI will also be observing discussions in the Blue Zone where the official talks are held.

If you are in Glasgow for COP please let NFWI know by emailing

What can you expect from the WI during COP26?

The NFWI Public Affairs team will be giving you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what’s going on in COP26 with daily video diaries between 4 and 7 November. This will be available to view on NFWI’s social media channels. We will also be working to provide you with a daily download of what has been happening at COP26 as frequently as possible throughout the conference.

How can I get involved?

Even if you are not going to Glasgow you can get involved in COP 26. You can watch many of the public events by subscribing to the COP26 Youtube channel and can also watch open sessions such as the World Leaders’ Summit on the UNFCCC website and social media channels.

You can also support the call or strong agreements at COP by joining the Global Day of Action.

COP26: Global Day of Action- 6 November 2021

WI members are invited to support and attend the Global Day of Action on Saturday 6 November 2021.

On this day, communities will join together at climate marches around the world to call on global leaders to deliver strong and ambitious climate agreements that safeguard people, places, biodiversity and livelihoods.

Taking place during the mid-point of COP26, the Global Day of Action will see people across the UK and the world join marches and events to speak out against the injustice of the climate emergency, and to call on global leaders during COP26 to ensure that any COP26 climate agreements are strong, ambitious and keep the world on track to 1.5C of global warming.

Marches are planned for Glasgow, London and across the UK. WI members could either attend their local march or attend the march in London. You can find details and the locations of the marches here.

The NFWI Public Affairs team would love to see as many WI members attend a march as possible. This will send a strong message to the government during COP26.

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