Trevone WI Celebrates 90th Birthday with Beach Party

Solving a knotty problem last week resulted in Trevone WI creating celebratory sand art on the beach in aid of their 90th birthday.

A huge bundle of knotted fishing rope and plastic had been untangled by members at their recent ‘Knot Just a Coffee Morning’, and Emily Stevenson of Beach Guardian, along with the WI members, created the sand art using the rope plus plastic bottles and other items washed up from the sea. A beach picnic was held and members raised a glass and sang Happy Birthday to their WI and also to CFWI, which celebrates 100 years this year.

All items used will be recycled and the members hope they increased awareness of plastic pollution in our seas.

They say they caused a bit of a stir amongst beachgoers but it did let them know that Trevone WI is alive and kicking after 90 years!

Here’s a video of the beach project, courtesy of Beach Guardian.

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