Truth, Tolerance, Justice and Fellowship!

Following requests and feedback from members, NFWI has created a Charter and a Code of Conduct. It is hoped that these documents will reinforce the foundations and values of our organisation, ensure members know what they can expect from their membership experience, and what they can do if this experience is not realised.

The NFWI Charter outlines the principles of the partnership between the NFWI and its members, and explains what members can expect as being part of the NFWI. These are the principles of support, feedback, structure, communication, and respect. The NFWI Code of Conduct sets out our values as an organisation and how members are expected to uphold these.

The Code of Conduct includes the following rules for WI members. WI members must:

  • demonstrate the WI values of truth, tolerance, justice and fellowship
  • be kind and considerate towards others
  • use inclusive and polite language
  • share views, comments and feedback respectfully and appropriately
  • respect others at all times
  • feel able to make mistakes and learn from these
  • raise concerns and complaints
  • comply with applicable WI, federation and NFWI policies
  • ensure the WI is a place for all women by welcoming new members
  • avoid bringing the organisation into disrepute

Our members have made the WI what it is today: a place for friendship, fun and education. We hope these documents will help strengthen these aims as well as our values of truth, tolerance, justice and fairness.

Both of the documents will be in this week’s mailing to WI Secretaries from NFWI.

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