What Faery Dust Can Do

As part of the 2021 Chy Noweth Show competition, WIs were asked to create an exhibit on the theme of ‘Renewing Enchanted Cornwall’. One of the components of the exhibit was a piece of prose.

As you all know by now, Illogan WI won first prize in the competition, and we are reproducing their wonderful winning prose entry here.

What Faery Dust Can Do

Merlin called five piskies down,
For Cornwall had lost it way.
“We need to bring ideas back
Like in Arthur’s day.
We’ve got all this natural beauty;
We need people to be the same”.
The piskies smiled.
“We’ll see what can be done.
I’m Faith, I’m Charity, I’m Kindness, I’m Truth.
I’m Neighbourliness”, said the last.
“We’ll visit all from shore to shore
Scattering our faery dust
And see what comes to pass”.
So off they went right through the county,
Dispersing all their magic bounty.
Breathing in this magic dust
The Cornish found their old ways back.
Faith, Charity, Kindness,
Truth and Neighbourliness all returned.
The piskies thought a job well done,
But said to Merlin, just for fun,
“We’ll do it ‘dreckly’”,
But Merlin knew they’d done a proper job.

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