What’s Buzzing at Wheal Buzzy?

The long horned mining bee

Earlier this year, we wrote about the Wheal Buzzy project, an initiative designed to increase awareness and habitat of the Duchy’s nationally important miner (solitary) bees, so named because, unlike honeybees and bumblebees, they do not live in colonies.

Did you know that there are between 250 and 270 species of solitary bee in the UK, and that we have 120 of those species right here in Cornwall?

One of your CFWI Board members recently heard a talk by Charlotte Goodship, Project Officer of Wheal Buzzy, and it was fascinating! If you’d like Charlotte to visit your WI and tell you all about what’s going on with Cornish miner bees, contact her on charlotte.goodship@cornwall.gov.uk or on 01872 322307.

In the meantime, why not have a look at this amazing video about solitary bees?

The Solitary Bees from Team Candiru on Vimeo.

 The Wheal Buzzy Project is funded by the Area of Natural Beauty Partnership and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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