Whirly Tubes on Hayle Beach!

Anne Fenwick and Julia Havard, members of CFWI’s Environment and Public Affairs Sub-committee, joined some 300 people on Hayle beach on Saturday to send a gentle message to the G7 world leaders in Carbis Bay about the ingenuity of Cornwall in dealing with the problem of marine litter.

They were all wielding tubes, made from repurposed marine litter (i.e., disused fishing nets), which make an ethereal sound as they whirl through the air.

The leaders across the water in the Carbis Bay Hotel won’t have seen the group, but they might have heard them and just paused to wonder.

Anyway, they all had fun doing it and met a lot of really interesting people, including a man who makes coffee cup holders out of the same repurposed material.

The improvised whirly tube orchestra probably surprised the crew of the protection vessel moored off-shore!

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