Whole Again Communities (Penzance) looking for volunteers!

Whole Again Communities (WAC) began life as a soup kitchen at the Treneere Estate’s community space in Penzance, but has since grown into so much more.

Using surplus produce from local supermarkets, Director Liz Sullivan and her team hold community workshops as well as distributing the soup, curries, bread, etc. made at the workshops to people in need. 

Liz says, “WAC has inspired and supported enthusiastic residents to make great healthy food using local produce. We are also training people to take this idea out to encourage healthy eating in other communities. Our team of dedicated volunteers help with every step of our great vision. From baking bread to making soup they work tirelessly to promote healthy eating on a shoestring budget. We have a passion for encouraging the people who come to us to produce cheap, locally sourced, healthy and balanced soups with tasty breads and juices.”

WAC is currently in need of volunteers and Liz has asked if any of our WI members in the Penzance area might be interested in helping out.

Liz is searching for someone who would like to serve on the WAC Board. Ideally, this would be someone to oversee finances, with marketing and/or catering experience and someone who could produce a newsletter and to liaise between WAC and their volunteers. There is already someone in place to handle finances, so the Board member would only be responsible for overseeing that work. There are monthly Board meetings and the estimated time commitment involved is about four hours per month.

If you’re not able to to give the time commitment to serve on the Board, WAC is also always on the look-out for volunteers to help on an ongoing basis with coordinating excess food collection and distribution and to assist with food production. 

This is a great organisation which does fantastic work in the community. If you’re interested, please get in touch with Liz at 07557 807015 or by completing the contact form on the WAC website here.

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