‘WI Talk’ by Sheila Goldsworthy

Rev. Kate Bottley, special guest speaker at this year’s Annual Council Meeting

Sheila Goldsworthy writes a wonderful monthly WI column for The Cornishman. Here is Sheila’s July column:

With optimism rising and most WIs having held their Annual Meetings, we can now start to consider all the WI events we normally attend, so shake the creases out of that posh frock you last wore 18 months ago, because important event number one is coming up.

The Annual Council Meeting is on Wednesday 20 October in the newly refurbished Hall for Cornwall. The special guest speaker will be the Rev. Kate Bottley, well known to everyone both on radio and television. Her humour, witticisms and steadfast common sense have made her a firm favourite with audiences, coupled with her bright personality and openness about her life and family has struck a cord with many, so therefore she will be the ideal speaker to start off the new WI year . The intriguing title of her talk is “God and the Goggle Box”. The morning speaker will be Beresford Lee, Strategic Director of Black Voices Cornwall. We will also be entertained with a performance by the Rock Choir led by Musical Director Marcus Alleyene.

What's on at Hall For Cornwall

Hall for Cornwall

This CFWI event will have a double special significance. Not only will WI members be able to meet up with friends again for a WI occasion but also be able to luxuriate in the new splendid Hall for Cornwall for which we have waited so long. As we explore these new premises we can slip back to normality and years of practice, by inspecting and purchasing all the new products at the Trading Post as well as the stalls and displays, and not forgetting the very special big raffle

Important event number two must surely be the Chy Noweth Show, held on 10 and 11 September. With the cancellation of the Royal Cornwall Show, CFWI has decided to hold its own show. Admission is free to all, as well as lunches and cream teas to purchase. There will be stalls to peruse, as well as a craft stall which will gladly receive any handmade items members would like to donate. The big attraction however will be the competitions. Entitled “Renewing Enchanted Cornwall”, WIs are invited to create a staged exhibit to reflect the theme which must include the following (1) three individual, identical tartlets, containing protein of choice; (2) a floral arrangement using bee friendly locally grown flowers and foliage without the use of Oasis/floristry foam; (3) a piece of prose not more than 300 words of five ideas on Renewing Enchanted Cornwall; (4) a wall hanging using recycled materials; and (5) a decorated keepsake box made from recycled or salvaged material. There are also two flower arrangement competitions, one in a tablespoon, the other in an egg cup. For further details of these very special days, please ring the County Office 01872 272843.

Another money-spinning feature is Jarbola! We have all played Tombola, so why not play Jarbola? The principle is the same. You buy a ticket and if the number ends in 0 or 5 you win a wonderful prize. The prize is either in the jar or there will be a message inside the jar telling you what you have been lucky enough to win. WI members are asked to make this a success by donating prizes, (which can be taken to Chy Noweth an Conteth) either small enough to fit in a jam jar or write a description to put in the jar. Who knows what riveting little prize you may win?

These red-letter days evoke all that is special about the WI. Meeting together at last, enjoying each others company, admiring fellow WI members’ talents and having a thoroughly satisfying time.

Members will be very sorry to learn that Barbara Peters our Federation Secretary has retired. This wonderful member of the CFWI family was always a fount of knowledge and her cheery voice always inspired confidence in response to any query. Barbara was passionate about the WI and was supportive of all its diverse activities, maintaining a steady ship in these difficult last 18 months. For certain we shall see her at future WI events, and wish her a very happy retirement, in a weed-free garden! We also wish the newly appointed Federation Secretary Emma Turner a very happy time with us. We all look forward to meeting her soon.


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