Wilcove WI and The Great Big Green Week

Wilcove WI started their Great Big Green Week activities a little early with Clare Wallerstein, their September speaker from Rame Peninsula Beach Care. Clare gave the members a fascinating and eye opening evening on the dangers of litter and debris, particularly on Cornish beaches. The monthly competition for the following meeting was planned along this theme with members creating recycled items.

Wilcove’s President went down a Blue Peter route with a tri-pane presentation illustrating:

  • What the members already do collectively to support the green agenda – things like keeping bees, planting for pollinators and using water recycling systems.
  • Contacts and information sources for further detail such as Keep Britain Tidy, The Woodland Trust, etc.

Members were then invited to list what they would do in the future for the greater good.

Wilcove WI will be planting three cathedral beech trees at Antony House in October
which will also celebrate their 75th birthday. 

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