Would You Like to be an IFE?

What is an IFE? The initials IFE stand for Independent Financial Examiner, and it’s pronounced ‘Iffy’, though these folk are far from iffy!

CFWI has a scheme whereby members (and non-members) are trained to become IFEs to examine the accounts of our WIs at the end of the financial year. As financial statements have to be prepared and checked before WIs’ annual meetings, most of the work will take place during January, February and March.

We have arranged for a trainer from NFWI to be at Chy Noweth on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September to train new IFEs and update our current IFEs. The training for both days will be the same so if you would like to attend please choose the day which is most suitable for you.

IFEs are highly valued by the Federation, and the work they do is very important. If you’d like to join our band of IFEs, please do get in touch. For further details or to book a place on one of the training days, please contact the Office on (01872) 272843 or cfwi@btconnect.com.

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