Zennor WI Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Zennor WI celebrated 80 years in October of 2021 and, to commemorate this event, they have planted two oak trees and put up a carved granite plaque to record this milestone in their history.

Zennor WI started in 1941 with 25 members, formed out of the Zennor knitting group, making socks for soldiers. All the members lived in Zennor Parish and walked to meetings; because of the wartime blackout they met on the night of the full moon. When the hall was shut, they met in the graveyard and sat on the tombstones. Today Zennor WI still has 25 members, but now they come from slightly further afield, from places such as Newmill, St Ives and Gulval, and most now drive.

The WI continues to thrive with monthly meetings, speakers, walks, lunches and craft events. If anyone is interested in attending, Zennor WI loves to welcome new people. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month in Zennor Village Hall. In the winter, meetings are at 7pm and in summer  they’re at 7.30.

A sketch of Zennor WI’s early graveyard meetings

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