Zennor WI Member’s Art Work on Display

Congratulations to Jennifer Gourley of Zennor WI for successfully completing her HNC in Art and Design at Penwith College. During the Golowan Festival in Penzance, which ran from 16th until 25th June, Art and Design students held their annual exhibition, Tidal Memories, in a large marquee on the Wharfside. Jennifer’s sculpture Wartime Women was among the exhibits.

The sculpture brought together the experiences of women who had lived through war and conflict: from two cups representing everything one woman escaped with during the Russian Revolution of 1917; to the corrugated metal plinth and scaffolding evoking many women’s experiences of World War II; to a row of ceramic shoes, dirty and broken, to reflect on the journey of women refugees today.

Hanging from the scaffolding was a series of cyanotype prints recounting the varied wartime experiences of women in Zennor WI; both those who were children during World War II and those whose female relatives  lived through it. The stories were difficult to read, some words clearer than others. This was intentional, conveying as it does the difficulty in finding out the history of women and their wars.

As part of the sculpture visitors were asked to write their own stories of women and war and leave them for others to read.

We congratulate Jennifer on her accomplishment and on her incredibly moving sculpture.

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  1. My mixed media piece has been accepted by South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts to be part of their Open exhibition in Exeter!

    Exeter Castle, Tuesday 14th to Saturday 25th November 2017.

    • That is fantastic news, Jennifer! Make sure you get some pictures of yourself at the exhibition to send to WI Life (and to County News).

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