2018 WI Subscriptions

The NFWI Board of Trustees has set the membership subscription for 2018 at £41.

The share kept by individual WIs will increase by £1 to £20. The share kept by the federation (CFWI) will increase by 50p to £9.30, and the share forwarded to NFWI will also increase by 50p to £11.70.

Dual members will pay £20.00 to their second WI.

This is good news for WIs, whose share of the total subscription amount has gone up again. 

Although WIs are not permitted to run savings schemes (thrift clubs), there are lots of ways you can start saving your coins now, ready for January 2018! Why not pop pound coins into a Smarties tube? By the time you fill the tube, you’ll be more than half way there! 

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