2023 WI Voucher Booklets

Your 2023 membership/voucher booklets will be included with the February issue of WI Life and all WI members will receive them directly with their magazine. You should find your booklet easily, but make sure you don’t accidentally throw it away!

As you know, the voucher booklets are self-financing and are a valuable source of income and, as ever, are packed with vouchers for discounts and offers on everything from the day-to-day essentials to some of life’s little luxuries. Members will again also be able to view all the special offers online should they wish to. Considerable savings have been made by many members who took up offers in last year’s booklets.

This year’s booklet also includes a £500 cash prize draw for one lucky WI member – and another £500 cash prize for the WI to which they belong!

Regarding the membership card, this will not be included in the booklet. The card will instead be available for members to download from MyWI. Members can choose to either keep their timeless membership card as a digital download or print it out. The digital cards will be personalised with the member’s name. A non-personalised version will also be available for WIs to download for members unable to access MyWI.

There is no obligation for members to print off a WI membership card and there is also no obligation for those members who do not have access to the internet to find a way to download a membership card. Members don’t require a card to go to WI meetings, or attend federation or NFWI events. You will not miss out if you can’t or don’t wish to download a membership card. This is just one of many small environmentally friendly changes at the WI. Together, they add up to big improvements for our planet.

As you increase your membership throughout the year and need membership/voucher booklets for new members, please contact the CFWI office. We have a small supply of extra booklets available for you. 01872 272843

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