A Message from a WI Member in East Sussex

My name is Heather Godwin and I am President of Pett WI in East Sussex: our WI is 101 years old! I originally come from Exeter.

I’m hoping the WI spirit will spring to action in the South West and so I am asking for your help: I have for some time been following on Facebook, and on her website, a woman called Natalia, who lost her daughter, Elizabeth, to a rare disease two years ago. Elizabeth was 5 years old. Since then, Natalia has walked hundreds of miles raising money for Bristol Children’s Hospital and other hospitals.

On 11th March, Mother’s Day, she will start a walk from Cheltenham hospital – because that was the hospital to which Elizabeth was firstly admitted. Then, to repeat Elizabeth’s last ever journey, she will be heading to Gloucester hospital and then, walking 1000 miles through all the South West and South Wales and finishing at the PICU of Bristol Children’s Hospital on 29th May 2018 – on Elizabeth’s birthday…

The aim is to link together hospitals throughout the region from which young patients are referred to Bristol Children’s Hospital, and to highlight the huge geographical area which it serves – stretching from Cornwall and to South Wales.

Natalia needs bed and breakfast/possibly evening meal accommodation in Gloucester, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall throughout those days of March, April and May and I immediately thought of the South West WIs whom I know would step up to this challenge. I know my WI would if we were based there.

Natalia’s website is: https://elizabethsfootprint.com and she can also be found on Facebook under ‘Elizabeth’s Footprint’. THIS IS NOT A SCAM but a genuine woman who is using her grief in the most positive way to help others. Please show everyone how great the WI is and contact your WIs and help support this lady. If you get in touch with her she can provide an itinerary of every night she needs accommodation.

Please don’t disappoint me – I know the WI will help another INSPIRING WOMAN!!

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  1. Hello there!
    I live in Gulval Penzance, not far from Land’s End, and would be delighted to accommodate Natalia if she is heading this way! It would be wonderful to help such a brave lady raise funds and awareness, after the loss of her beloved little girl.
    Please put my name forward if I can help, or let me know who to contact. I will also talk to my own Gulval WI.
    Good luck and sincere best wishes

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