A message from Fran Winsor, Chair of Exhibitions sub-committee

Have you ever wondered who puts together the furnishings for the Spring and Autumn meetings at the Hall for Cornwall, or the Royal Cornwall and Stithians Shows? It is our Exhibitions Sub-committee!

I invite you to come and join us. We meet three times a year at Chy Noweth to discuss the events.

What most people don’t see: Behind the scenes at Royal Cornwall Show.

If you’d like to meet us, why not come along to the Royal Cornwall Showground on Monday 5th June or Tuesday 6th June to see what we do and to lend a hand. This is how I started on our committee a few years ago! We are a great team of women from all over the county.

It’s hard work but there are perks. Sometimes we meet Royalty!

For more information, ring the CFWI office and ask for my contact details.

— Fran Winsor

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