A Surprise for Mawnan WI President!

When Mawnan WI President, Sally Annan, woke up last Thursday morning, she hadn’t expected her At Home to end in the way it did!

Sally had prepared a delicious buffet lunch for 60 members which she had hoped to hold in her pretty garden as in previous years. Unfortunately, the heavens opened and the event had to be moved to the nearby Bowling Club. As everyone was finishing, the roar of a motorbike’s engine could be heard coming up the drive.

What could be happening?

Earlier in the year Cornwall Blood Bikes had visited Mawnan WI and it was noticed that Sally really loved the idea of riding on one so a plan was hatched involving John, the brother of one of the members, who owns a Harley Davidson. He whisked Sally away for a spin around the country lanes and down to Helston. What a way to end the day!

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