An Alpaca Experience for Mylor & Flushing WI

Mylor and Flushing WI had an interesting and informative visit to the Little Hamlet Alpaca Rescue Centre at Gwennap Pit last month.

Members were able to handfeed the alpacas with their favourite food, carrots. The alpacas at the centre have all been rescued from abuse, neglect or simply subject to ignorance of their needs. Di Summers, who runs the rescue centre, looks after her animals devotedly, which all the women admired, though admitting they couldn’t do it themselves!

They all fell in love with Sammy, the only black alpaca at the centre, who was beaten by his owner and is now brain damaged, but follows Di around like a pet lamb. A fascinating visit!

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  1. Hi Georgia. So lovely to hear about the rescue centre, we are in the right place here as we have two Alpaca centres close by and near Mappleborough Green one can walk them. Haven’t done it yet, but hope to. We had a talk from one lady in the past about them from another centre. I love how they make gentle noises so endearing. Hope you are well xxx

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