Another Busy Month for Godolphin WI

It’s been another busy month for Godolphin WI. The members enjoyed a recent visit to Trewidden Gardens with a guided tour from the head gardener, followed by a delicious lunch as well as coffee and cake.

Then came the big celebration for King Charles III. The sun was shining on the Godolphin street party and even the local Police Community Officer joined in for a bit of fun. There was plenty of food and drink to share and a good time was had by all.

Lastly, some of the members went on an evening walk at Mullion. They parked up and set off on a three-mile round trip taking in the beautiful scenery and the sea views. The women spotted rare plants, beautiful birds and a circling helicopter, but certainly didn’t expect to find a newly married couple on the beach! The couple caught up with the WI group at the top of some very steep steps and posed for a photo. They went off to celebrate with their guests and the Godolphin members all went to the pub to quench their thirst.

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