Change of Speaker at Annual Council Meeting

Chris Knight of St Austell Brewery (Photo by Paul Williams)

For those of you attending next month’s Annual Council Meeting, we have had a change of speaker. We will still be hearing about the ‘Tales of Two Local Brewers’, with Tregothnan Tea and St Austell Brewery.

However, Roger Ryman from the brewery is unable to attend. Instead, we will be welcoming Chris Knight from St Austell Brewery.

Chris is Curator at St Austell Brewery and looks after the heritage, archives and Brewery museum. With 167 years of history to choose from, there’s certainly no shortage of Brewery tales to tell but, without a woman’s touch, there may well have been a very different ending. Chris’s talk will outline the lives and impact on both the Brewery and the nation of two remarkable female members of the Hicks family.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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