Christmas Home-Baking in Constantine

Sylvia and Mary of Constantine WI

Two members of Constantine WI, Sylvia and Mary, have totally different Christmases. Sylvia, a farmers wife who’s up feeding all the animals very early before breakfast, has lunch sometime much later in the day. Mary has a family of 22, and may celebrate Christmas Day on New Year’s Eve or whenever all the family can get together. But the one thing they do have in common is a love of home baking, and they shared some of their favourite tips with members of Constantine WI, with a lot of fun thrown into the mix!

Their tips included:

  • Homemade vegetarian mincemeat with no suet but half a pint of sherry added to all the usual ingredients
  • Chocolate Christmas cake – The same ingredients with added cocoa and chocolate chunks – yummy
  • Blue cheese and cold ham leftovers. What better than blue cheese pâté blended with soft butter and Port, along with hash cakes made by whizzing chopped ham, mashed potato, gherkins, egg, parsley, mustard powder and breadcrumbs together. Then just roll into patties and fry.
  • Mini fridge-cake puddings made from luxury fruit, amaretto biscuits and liqueur/brandy rolled into small rounds then decorated when set.

As you can imagine the members had a very jolly evening after sampling these and many other festive goodies. The goodies on the table and the empty plate say it all. Recipes were available and were eagerly taken.

The members of Constantine WI hope all their fellow WI members have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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