Cornwall’s First WI Walking Netball Group!

Back in the autumn of 2018, Beaches and Cream WI first became aware of walking netball sessions being held in Truro under an initiative by CFWI. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, none of their interested members were able to attend due to work and other commitments. After several discussions at various club and social evenings, the WI set about researching and setting up their own community club. Two members managed to obtain contacts, one being Karen Edmonds of Better Newquay Sports Centre and the other, Fern Noott of England Netball.

This April saw Beaches and Cream’s first walking netball session which was attended by 19 members. After a warm-up, including lunges and stretches, they were ready to play.

Walking netball involves no running, jogging or jumping for the ball, so is a gentle and low impact activity. However, as the women swapped in and out of play and changed positions, much laughter and competitiveness prevailed! The WI agreed it was the most fun they’d had on a netball court, and look forward to future sessions.

England Netball are now working with NFWI, aiming to set up walking netball groups across the country, supporting the WIs with equipment, training sessions and providing a dedicated host to run the first 20 sessions. They are also working with Loughborough University who are evaluating the effectiveness of the programmes on members’ health and wellbeing by asking participants to complete an online survey at the start of the training and throughout.

To find out more about Beaches and Cream’s WI Walking Netball Club, please contact:

(Thanks to Chris Cox Photography for all images)

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  1. Hello, I have been asked by a number of ladies about walking netball. We all played netball for Newquay for a long time but then retired from the game as we got older. We think this would suit us down to the ground. Can you give me any info on where you play and when.
    Thank you Theresa

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