Be a part of something BIG this summer!

Imagine a day where, for a few hours, people across the land throw open their doors, take to their streets, gardens and neighbourhoods to share food, have fun and make connections…
This is The Big Lunch, and some six million people now take part each summer around the UK, after the idea was born down here in Cornwall.

Will you and your neighbours join us in sitting down to your own Big Lunch where you live on the weekend of 1-2 June?


What is The Big Lunch?

The Big Lunch can be anything from a small gathering in a garden to a street party with food, music and decoration. Here in Cornwall we’re blessed with brilliant open spaces to choose from – you could even have one on the beach.

This 10th birthday year, The Big Lunch is on the weekend of 1-2 June, and Eden has decided to close on Sunday 2 June to encourage people like you to hold one in your own community. So come on Cornwall, let’s show the rest of the UK how it’s done!

There’s lots of help at hand; The Big Lunch website is packed with hints and tips – from advice on closing your street to readymade invites – so it’s easy to get started.

Get your handy starter pack.

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