Do You Recognise This Embroidered Banner?

This lovely small banner or wall hanging was recently discovered in the basement at Chy Noweth. It’s the beginnings of a smallish piece, worked in embroidery on silk. It’s approximately 2’x3′, or slightly larger.

Do you recognise it? Is it your work? Or the work of someone you know?

If nobody comes forward to claim it, perhaps one of our talented WI embroiderers would like to take on the project and finish the piece. It would be a shame to lose it as so much beautiful work has already been done.

If you know anything about it, or would like to complete the piece, please contact the office on (01872) 272843 or

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  1. That looks like the beginnings of rather a lovely piece of work. What patience to have cut out each of the ‘Parishes’? Hope you can find out about it Xxx

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