Food Matters – Weekend of Action!

The NFWI is organising a weekend of action for the 19th to 21st May to encourage supermarkets to take further action to tackle food waste.

To take part, simple present this manifesto containing our campaign ‘asks’ to your local supermarket manager. Ask him or her what the supermarket is doing to tackle these important issues and ask that it be raised with the head office.

Make sure you include your (or your WI’s) contact details so that they can write back to you with a response.

Other things you and your WI can do to draw attention to the issue of food waste are:

  • Create something beautiful out of wonky fruit and vegetables! Take a picture of your creation and present it to you local supermarket along with the Manifesto, to highlight that all food is beautiful and too good to waste.
  • Take along examples of confusing labelling, multi-packs or multi-buy offers to highlight what needs to change.
  • Hold a photo opportunity and invite the local media.
  • Invite other interest groups to join you in your weekend of action to make even more impact.
  • Publicise the weekend of action. If you organise any activities, send out a press release. And, after the event, make sure to post photos on social media and send them to your local newspaper.

Here at CFWI, we’re very interested to hear what your WI is planning for the weekend. Please share your ideas and thoughts either here, by commenting on this blog post, or by starting a conversation on Facebook. The more we can share ideas, the better we can get the message out: Food matters!

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