Opportunities for All

The ‘Opportunities for All’ initiative was launched last year by NFWI and allows WIs and federations to invite an NFWI Trustee to speak at any events they are staging. There must be more than 50 WI members in attendance at the event. It will be a unique opportunity to learn more about your NFWI, and all the inspiring opportunities it provides for WI members.

WIs might use this is a chance to organise events with neighbouring WIs. Karrie Skaife, Secretary of St Mary’s WI on the Isles of Scilly, is interested in finding out about any event happening in Cornwall that might already be in the works. As St Mary’s WI only
has 41 members and travel costs for an NFWI Trustee would be prohibitive, they would very much like to team up with any other WIs planning an ‘Opportunities for All’ event on the mainland.

If you are planning an event, please contact Karrie on karrieskaife@yahoo.co.uk.


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