Fuel Poverty in Cornwall: You Can Help

Behind the idyllic Cornish seaside towns, beautiful beaches and famous restaurants is a hidden problem: thousands of people are struggling to get by, pay for essential bills, and put food on the table.  This is largely due to the seasonal work, low wages and zero- hour contracts that are typical of the popular holiday destination. Cornwall is also in the top 10 fuel insecure areas of England, with a massive 36,000 households living in fuel poverty.  Feeding Britain are working to raise funds for a Fuel Bank in Cornwall to tackle this issue. The Fuel Bank will provide a crucial lifeline to families in crisis, by providing emergency fuel top-up vouchers to over 1,000 people throughout winter. Vouchers are provided alongside an emergency food parcel, to allow families to cook the food they’re given, and provide some vital breathing space to get through the immediate crisis, and find the longer term help that is needed. For many it has benefits for both their physical health and mental well being, as the voucher means they don’t have to worry so much about energy bills and money in general. Feeding Britain has collaborated with the WI in recent years on issues around food poverty and waste reduction and they are hoping our members will now help with the fuel bank. Your donation will make a difference.  

  • £10 will cover fuel costs in an average home for around 3 days
  • £30 provides enough fuel for an average family to light their homes, cook nourishing meals, and have hot baths for around two weeks over summer.
  • £49 is how much an average family will spend on fuel over two weeks in the winter.

Every pound raised publicly will be match funded by npower, so your donation will be doubled.  Click here to make your pledge today. https://youtu.be/YY2c6CmpdoE

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