Lager Louts in Tregony WI?!?

Members of  Tregony WI were educated in the art or science of beer drinking at their July meeting, when Toni Ryman, at present qualifying as a beer sommelier with St Austell Brewery,  talked about brewing. 

The women were given five different beers to taste and evaluate, from a lager to a rich stout. Toni is one of a very small number of female beer sommeliers, experts in the production, taste, smell and appearance of a very wide variety of ales, stouts and fruit beers, not only those brewed at local St Austell  Brewery, but also some from Europe and elsewhere.

Beer sommeliers are a recent introduction into the trade and Toni is particularly keen to encourage more women to appreciate the finer points of beer drinking in the same way that wine sommeliers have done for  many years. She brought along appropriate snacks to complement each beer and the women had a most informative and hugely enjoyable evening.


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